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We have various types of product  ​

SysMatica Mechatronics Pvt.Ltd. is well established in the region as integrated design and manufacturing Unit specializing in Trace-ability in manufacturing, special purpose machine, precision component, New product development, assembly line development ,Gauges, Dies, Jigs, Fixtures and other Tool room product.

Trace-ability in manufacturing


Trace-ability in manufacturing is the ability to trace the history, application or location of an entity by means of recorded identifications.

Traceability is highly important within the supply chain of any manufacturer, as it provides the ability to quickly recall products, track production and match replacement parts.

Manufacturers are facing ever increasing competitive pressure and legal requirements. The desire for visibility in the process, customer satisfaction, pro­fits and compliance are pushing many manufacturers to look at traceability as a long-term strategy.

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Special Purpose Machine


Special Purpose Machines (SPM) are designed to perform some specific applications as per customer’s specific requirements which cannot be carried out using conventional machines. These tailor made machines are generally not included in Standard Manufacturing Programs and thus are not available on ready to sale basis.

In the performance critical production process, there is always demand for improve the quality of product, minimize rejection and increase the productivity per person, to cater to the demanding global scenarios. The answer to this need is use of Special Purpose Machines giving very high productivity.

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Precision component

Aluminium Bearing Housing.JPG

We offers a full range of CNC machining services, including grinding, turning, CNC milling, solid carbon EDM, and product design support.  We also offer assembly and stocking programs to meet your needs In addition to providing drawing service, we can provide on-site consultation to assist you in designing products that are both easier and more economical to manufacture. The result is a part that meets your specification, at the most affordable cost. We specialize in small runs, typically under 10 pieces. Our unique set-up methods and expertise with small quantities allow us to offer highly attractive pricing on low volume runs and prototype machining.

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Fixture, Gauges, Jigs and Dies


We offer All Types Of

  • Gauges

  • Fixtures

  • Jigs and

  • Dies 

Gauges : Multi Gauging using PLC or Micro-controller  and other electronics component, Relation Gauges, Special Gauges, Spline Gauges, Thread Gauges, Air Gauges, Ring Gauges, Plug Gauges, Slip Gauges. 

Fixtures : Adjustable fixture, Grinding fixtures, Welding fixture, Assembly fixture, Inspection fixtures, Milling fixtures, Form milling fixture, Reciprocating fixture, Straddle milling fixture, Indexing fixtures, Multiple milling fixture

Dies : We offer all types press tool i.e Blanking, Trimming, Forming, Coining etc.

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Development of Assembly Line

Assembly Line Image.jpg

The primary benefit of assembly lines is that they allow workers and machines to specialize at performing specific tasks, which can increase productivity. Large-scale assembly lines can allow for mass production of goods that would not be possible if products were made from start to finish by a single worker.

We manufacturing and constrac  a suitable assembly line as per your requrment  

  • Classic

  • Automated

  • Modular Assembly

  • Team Production

  • U-shaped assembly 

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New Product Development​

  • Understand and observe the market, the client, the technology, and the limitations of the problem;

  • Synthesize the information collected at the first step;

  • Visualise new customers using the product;

  • Prototype, evaluate and improve the concept;

  • Implementation of design changes which are associated with more technologically advanced procedures and therefore this step will require more time.​


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