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Special Purpose Machines


Special Purpose Machines (SPM) are designed to perform some specific applications as per customer’s specific requirements which cannot be carried out using conventional machines. These tailor made machines are generally not included in Standard Manufacturing Programs and thus are not available on ready to sale basis.


In the performance critical production process, there is always demand for improve the quality of product, minimize rejection and increase the productivity per person, to cater to the demanding global scenarios. The answer to this need is use of Special Purpose Machines giving very high productivity.


SPMs offer tremendous scope for high volume production at low investment and at low cost of production when compared to CNC machines.  These are high productivity machine, with specially designed tooling and fixture, dedicated for mass producing the same component day in and day out. A judicious combination of limit switches, sensors, logic controls, automatic job clamping etc is the essence of a SPM. A well conceived Special Purpose Machine finds ways and means to utilize the man and machine to the optimum.


The use of special purpose machines & automation minimizes possibility of human errors and also reduces human fatigue in carrying out repetitive operations again & again. It also assures the quality and interchange ability of parts, by carrying out the same designed process each time without any shortcuts.


SPMs are designed to operate continuously for 24 hours a day, with minimum supervision. The special purpose machines are generally product specific & they are required to be designed & developed for each specific requirement. Sometimes it may be possible to cater to the jobs having similar features but differing in dimensions by using change tooling concept.


These machines are either CAM operated machine or they use Hydraulics and Pneumatics as actuating elements or combination of all the three of them. Many times a dedicated programmable logic controller is used in conjunction with positional sensors & transducers, to give commands to the actuating elements. Different special motors like stepper motor & servo motors are used as actuating element. The productivity achieved after all these efforts is very high. Productivity of 3 to 10 times is achievable. However to fetch the fruits of these highly specialized machines the pre condition is that the input to the automatic machine must have strict quality control.


SPMs are in great demand in this era of high competition amongst the manufacturers in sectors like Aerospace, Defence, Railways, Automobile, Civil Engineering, Geotechnical, Rubber, Power Plants, Paper Industry, Agricultural equipment and many more.

What do we Offer!

We offer you tailor made machines for improved productivity and profits.


  • Endurance Test for switches

  • Mirror endurance test machine.

  • Door check assembly endurance test machine

  • Fuel cock assembly endurance test machine.

  • FFC Leak test machine.

  • Dust durability test machine.

  • Lock functioning test machine.

  • IRVM test machine.

  • FCA torque test machine.

  • FCA flow measurement machine.

  • SPMs for Value Addition Activities

  • Punching, Crimping, Pressing, Stamping, Shearing, Drilling, Riveting, Screw Driving, Staking, Marking, Welding Vending, Dispensing, Spraying, Heating, Curing  

  • Quality Testing

  • Part Presence, Leakage, Flow, Volume, Pressure, Weight, Counting, Torque, Dimensions, Displacement, Electrical Parameters, Optical Parameters 

  • Validation Testing

  • Displacement, Environmental, Chemical, Electrical, Physical Parameters, Biological properties

  • Rotary SPM Drilling Machine

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